Saturday, June 19, 2010

Come Away With Me

The Journey

An Excerpt From My eBook "Into the Green"

"Take a journey with me. You need take nothing with you. We are finding a grove in Nature that seems so pristine that no one else must have passed through here. You are surrounded by small seedlings and saplings beginning their journey upward. The soil is loamy under your feet and the breeze lifts its new musk, quickly engulfing you. You breathe a lungful and immediately feel intoxicated. Everywhere you look, everything you notice has green nubs promising some new face to unfurl towards the sun. There is new grass under your feet. You are standing in the grove of the first months and years of your life. Here, everything is possible.

You feel a strong pressure to emerge. All your senses are engaged and you cannot decide what is more important to take in. Take your time, drink it in slowly. Notice how the parcel of land has everything it needs. The skies shift above you, alternating between cloudy and sunny. When the breeze shifts direction, rain comes. All growing things are nourished, though the grove had done nothing to bring it on."

I have created a space where we can all share this experience. It would be my honor to have you along for this journey, one we all need to take individually. But we need not do it in isolation. I invite you to join a powerful community of people and the incredible dialog emerging on my forum. We all have special hidden gifts to share with one another and this is an incredible opportunity to support each other.

The Journey Forum


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