Saturday, June 19, 2010

Come Away With Me

The Journey

An Excerpt From My eBook "Into the Green"

"Take a journey with me. You need take nothing with you. We are finding a grove in Nature that seems so pristine that no one else must have passed through here. You are surrounded by small seedlings and saplings beginning their journey upward. The soil is loamy under your feet and the breeze lifts its new musk, quickly engulfing you. You breathe a lungful and immediately feel intoxicated. Everywhere you look, everything you notice has green nubs promising some new face to unfurl towards the sun. There is new grass under your feet. You are standing in the grove of the first months and years of your life. Here, everything is possible.

You feel a strong pressure to emerge. All your senses are engaged and you cannot decide what is more important to take in. Take your time, drink it in slowly. Notice how the parcel of land has everything it needs. The skies shift above you, alternating between cloudy and sunny. When the breeze shifts direction, rain comes. All growing things are nourished, though the grove had done nothing to bring it on."

I have created a space where we can all share this experience. It would be my honor to have you along for this journey, one we all need to take individually. But we need not do it in isolation. I invite you to join a powerful community of people and the incredible dialog emerging on my forum. We all have special hidden gifts to share with one another and this is an incredible opportunity to support each other.

The Journey Forum


Friday, June 18, 2010

Our Choices Stem From the Multiverse of Feelings, Not Simply from A Universe

"The universal language is feelings—vibration--and you cannot fool vibrations. They are truthful every time. Your feelings are your most powerful tools and with those feelings you can learn to create anything you want. Your feelings guide you with every step you take and are there to keep you from losing your way. If you were to tap into the feelings, you would begin to see things in a different light and you would make choices with more clarity."
"One" channeled by Paul Smit

Monday, June 14, 2010

Mama Notes

One day, my little ones, you will not remember the moments that I have stolen from you when you weren't looking.  One day, you will understand why I worked so hard in my "executive" office next to the laundry room.  But today I plan, I strategise, I write the passions and the stories that come through because I am creating a new life and a new world in doing so.  We have been taught that we must earn our living under other people's conventions, we have been given the tired old legacies that have not worked for so long. 

But it is a new world of our own making.  And while some women may wait for their prince charming to come and rescue them from the suffocation we call a life here in suburbia, you will not need to wait.  The world already turns towards you like the flower to the sun.  The world offers itself to you and your passions and your dreams, and all you need to do is allow them to flow through you. 

You see, you are that big Love we have always sought out in the Universe, so it matters not what you do with your hands, what people may call a "work" or a "life".  It may not resemble anything familiar.  But this is fine.  You must know what it is like to craft something from the middle of you, from the center of the Universe, something that is singular and sublime. 

And more than this, you will show others how to do the same.  So while you sleep tonite, should there be any fear or any doubt please know that you are surrounded and full of that big Love in and through you. We have arrived indeed, the lovers, the dreamers, and you.


Friday, May 21, 2010

A Strange Torch Passing

For so many of us we find ourselves at a strange process in the road.  I wanted to draw this out because I have not heard anyone mention it from this standpoint, yet so many of us are in this boat.  I have heard of the term "sandwich generation" in recent conversations come up, referring to adults that are caring for both their growing children as well as their elderly parents.  A conflict is implied.  But I can't help but wonder why this may be the case?  We are spread too thin, over-tapped, and how did we get here to begin with?

But there is far more at stake here.  We don't just burn out as parents and caretakers.  There is a kind of shift happening that has not happened in our world for many generations.  I see it as an opportunity.  Every few generations, we get the chance to really think about things, to reflect on history a bit deeper, and make important decisions about our future.  Since our parents' generation a remarkable thing has happened in that a body of knowledge about the self and our spirit has emerged in such wide-spread fashion that we cannot afford to look at life according to our parents' legacies anymore.

We are in a position now to change the rules altogether.  Why should it be that you cannot maintain your nuclear family and the extended family at the same time?  Why are we so drained?  What causes us to be so over-committed?  Why should parenting be so draining?  Why should our parents be a burden to us?  Why do we feel so unprepared?  This is the strange torch I refer to.

The reality is that for most of our parents, they were too busy "doing" to reflect on these questions.  Perhaps many did not expect to be around so long.  And so we must decide how we will prepare our kids when it will be their turn.  What legacies are we creating?  To do this we need to de-clutter, to slow down, to cause big waves around us.  We hesitate to do it because it means disrupting our routines, our existing roles, and our current pace.  But when we are faced with a breaking point, and when we realize our children will pay the price if we do not overhaul, how can we not take responsibility?

I want to suggest that we are not here simply to survive our past or live out the expectations of the last or even current generation.  We are here to create a new world.  A place where it is safe to thrive and live out our unique destinites. A world of no limitations. When faced with the heavy load of the past, let's remember our wise Hopi leaders who said, "we are the ones we have been waiting for".  We have it in our power to create peace, to share grace and understanding, to redefine personal freedom, and to heal the wounds of the past.  It is with this vision in mind, that I want to encourage you to pick up the torch and to boldly go in the direction of your heart.


Saturday, April 17, 2010

The Season for Transformation

I want to first and foremost thank so many of you who have met me on Facebook, for your love and for your friendship.  You cannot know the power of such simple acts as a reply to a quote, a fragment of my thoughts, and althewhile I feel my words are so limited to convey the connection that I feel with each one of you. 

We fight our private battles, we try to live responsible lives, and beyond that we push the limits of our growth, we yearn for insight, we long for revelation, we secretly hope to become more than we are. 

When all along, the truth is that we already are all the greatness we could ever hope to attain, each one of us, in a happy or unhappy state is still a face of god, and transformation and grace are available to us in every single moment.  Yet we avoid it, we run away, we deny it, we hide from it. Such great love has broken me so many times only to renew me all over again, and now this season it is greater than I ever hoped or could imagine.  My heart is a well that overflows. 

In the coming days and weeks I will be introducing you to some remarkable people who also have changed the world around them in amazing ways.  Just try to keep in mind, they do nothing that any one of us cannot do.  It only takes common skills, and your earnest love, and in a single moment transformation is upon us all.

I am humbly yours,

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

On Love

Love is not a destination but rather a journey. Experiencing love in our lifetime has nothing to do with coming across the experience of "falling in love", but rather coming across our own fierce love and in such an encounter we become the person we were meant to be. 
Once we have this experience we never go back. We begin to see it everywhere, in others, and in everything around us. And this is where consciousness begins, and our world begins a transformation.


Sunday, March 21, 2010

Your Own Witness is Waiting..

Every religious tradition offers some version of the Witness. The Witness is an important function of our psyche, offering a conscience and an inner guidance system that the deciding and acting self can draw from. It also offers refuge from our immediate stimulus and circumstances by observing from a safe distance. We are all born with it. However, sometimes early trauma or adverse early conditions can silence the Witness for some of us. For others, the Witness becomes active to such an extent that it witnesses on behalf of others. It may empathize where there is a void of empathy, but it can also be disruptive to what we consider to be necessary life routines. People whom we consider to have psychic abilities have very developed Witnesses.

It is important to know that while we call the Witness the observer, it is a part of us that needs to be cultivated throughout our lives. A Witness doesn’t simply narrate our actions, as if to say,”I’m doing the dishes, now.” It constantly observes how aligned we are to our own truth. It’s capable of saying, “I’m digressing in my conversation with my mother now because I’m uncomfortable saying what I really need to say”.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Anticipating great things..

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Friday, February 12, 2010

Highway Hypnosis -the Way of Suburban Life

I'd like to put out this post with a different purpose in mind. I have some questions I'd like to offer you more directly, because every once in a while we need a jolt to awaken us out of our hypnosis. Did you ever drift off in a daze while driving on the highway and almost miss your exit?

Well often life in suburbia can be like that. We get so caught up in our separate routines that we get caught up in keeping pace with the motions and we lose track of our important "off ramps" or opportunities to engage life in more meaningful way. So I'd like to hear your experiences:

-How much time did you devote this week to your working on your dreams?

-Are you the person you dreamed you'd grow up to be?

-When was the last time you spent an afternoon or a day without accounting for your time?

Thinking of you,

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

A Woman in Love and a New World Order

In my work I have the experience to hear many women, married or single, straight or otherwise complain about unsatisfying relationships. The story is tragic but consistent, “I found a spark, but now it’s gone” and “Why can’t I just find the One?”

I swear to you sometimes I am convinced a New World Order will begin when women learn to fall in love with life more than they seek romance in someone else. I mean, who told us it has to be this way? And who told us we need the soap opera? Was it Disney’s Cinderella? I pray for the day when we can graduate from such nonsense!

One day women across the country will step outside the domains of their ridiculous jobs and frustrating homes, and put on some Joplin, go out and buy themselves

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

The Reluctant Woman or How to Thrive in a Type-A World

Let’s just come out with it all and put it on the table.  I am not a high energy person.  I never was, and never will be.  So I have to figure out where my energy is going-ALL the time.  This means I have to really focus when I want to accomplish something.  And when I do, sometimes it’s so razor-sharp that I feel I’m burning calories on the spot.  I feel my blood-sugar level drop in the course of a project, and I’m more likely to graze mindlessly while working.

It took me a good 30 years to figure out there is nothing wrong with this, and that I need to stop trying to change myself because my personality does not match that of others.  It also took an old very sarcastic friend, a husband who is a musician, and two little girls to get me grounded.

There are those of us with minds like steel traps.  We may not seem engaged while others are hyped up on the same deadline, but nevertheless we are studying the problem, and probably have run many circles around it by now.  We may not be peppy morning people, but we make resolute problem solvers and very loyal friends.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

The Discovery

For the Nth time this year you are reminded that you have put off going to the doctor when something in your body doesn’t feel right. You have the insurance, and you know you work hard for it, but you cannot take advantage of it because you have used up so many of your allocated days on your kids and family, and you know taking any unpaid time off will cause a real problem a the office. Worse than this, you recall how over the holidays your little one had a cough that lasted 3 weeks and between the holiday preparations at home, and the end of the year deadlines at work, you just never got around to bringing her to the pediatrician.

Why do we do this to ourselves? It is insane to think that we devote 40+ hours a week to someplace we leak fuel to commute to, complete with a benefits package that somehow we never really benefit from.